First Dollar Philosophy

For small to medium size businesses, every dollar of the budget counts. Optimizing a limited budget requires spending the first dollar where it will provide the most impact. Lay a strong foundation in the beginning and the sky is the limit. At Derivius, we help you align budget priorities and strategy to scale growth dollar by dollar.

Dollar #1: Call Tracking & Recording

Driving more customer calls or visits to your showroom, dining room, salon or spa is an expensive exercise in futility if the staff is not ready to receive them. By tracking and recording calls by source, our team works with your team to ensure callers are welcomed, routed and handled with both speed and care.

With the Call Tracking System…

  • Track sources online and offline
  • Track both marketing and referral traffic
  • Listen to recorded calls to optimize inbound call flow
  • Replay calls as a training tool to coach your sales team

Dollar #2: Site Merchandising & Conversion Optimization

Leading sites like Amazon, Kickstarter, Groupon attract customers with in-depth product descriptions and convert them through easy to navigate checkouts. Derivius leverages checkout and conversion best practices established by larger companies to help our small business clients stay competitive.

Areas of Optimization

  • Clear calls to action
  • Product merchandising & photography
  • Shopping cart & checkout optimization

Dollar #3: Search Engine Marketing (SEM)

Don’t let your customers get away at the moment they are searching for your product or service. advertises for clients on Google and Bing so that our clients will show  up at the moment someone says “Ok Google” or “Siri, where is the nearest…”


Advantages to SEM

  • Reach customers when they are looking to buy
  • Optimize conversions from initial search to final purchase

Dollar #4: Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

While the top search engine positions are made available to the highest bidder, many users skip over the advertisements to Google curated organic results. Building credibility with search engine crawlers is a slow, calculated process rooted in following Internet standards and best practices. works with clients to create new content with strategic keyword targets to increase organic exposure and drive more traffic.

Primary Methods

  • Keyword targeting & tracking
  • Semantic web, rich snippet template implementation
  • Strategic link building through guest writing and partnerships

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